Q: I suffer from allergies so what is the best way to figure out which products to avoid?
A: Products are always noted as "Gluten-Free" and "Nut-Free" (or "Contains Gluten" and "Contains Nuts") accordingly on our website and packaging for easy reference, and all ingredients are declared. We also have a comprehensive allergy chart available upon request. If you suffer from allergies or sensitivities of any kind, and have any questions about which products to avoid, please contact us before making your purchase.
Q: If my skin tingles when using your products should I stop using them?
A: Some of our products may feel active (such as exfoliants), but if you experience an uncomfortable sensation on your skin, please discontinue use as you may be sensitive or allergic to an ingredient in the product. It is common for extremely dry, windburned skin (where the lipid barrier has been severely compromised) to be sensitive to anything applied topically. That type of sensitivity will no longer occur once the skin heals and is restored. We recommend the Cool Relief Mask to heal and bring wind- or sunburned skin back into balance. If all else fails, we offer a money-back guarantee and will send you a replacement product or refund.
Q: What is the difference between your Exfoliants?
A: Polish Oat Scrub makes it easy to exfoliate and cleanse in one step with gentle Jojoba Beads and soothing Oats. Refine Dermabrasion is a more intensive treatment with professional-grade microcrystals and fruit extracts. Renew Enzyme Peel is a non-granular, non-abrasive, gel-based exfoliant made with fruit enzymes. It offers a mild yet effective way to remove dead skin cells so dull or ashy complexions are left glowing.