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Awake Sensory Oil 5 ml
Awake Sensory Oil 5 ml



Product Code: SOA-RET


How To Use Ingredients
Use daily am, or as needed. Press a drop or two onto wrists or temples and/or use for inhalation (breathe in for uplifting sensory benefits). Contains citrus oil, which may cause photosensitivity, so wear suncare am.


Product Highlights:
Mentally uplifting Grapefruit Essential Oil reduces stress
Stimulating Peppermint Essential Oil helps with concentration, focus and mental sharpness
Lemon Balm perks up the mind, balances emotions and relieves headaches
Refreshing Sweet Orange Essential Oil eases anxiety and nervous disorders
Bergamot Essential Oil is a natural antidepressant
Rice Bran Oil is lightweight but rich in Omegas and Antioxidants
Preserved naturally with Organic Rosemary Extract
Citrus-Mint scent