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Mask Brush
Mask Brush

Our cruelty-free, eco-friendly mask brush helps your product go further and allows for a smooth and even application of all Lunaria masks (as well as the Renew Enzyme Peel exfoliant).
Dip/immerse the brush into the mask and apply a thin layer of product directly to skin.
Care instructions: Gently wash brush with warm soap and water and let it air dry. Do not use hot water or soak brush in water. Okay to place inside UV sterilizers but do not immerse in sterilizing solution. Store brush in the protective overlay to preserve bristles.

Fan brush is 7" high x 2" wide and made with Taklon (a vegan, sable-alternative, bacteria-resistant and allergy-free material), Aluminum and Bamboo and comes packaged in a Corn-based sleeve with a protective overlay.
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