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Q: What is the shelf life of your natural products? Oil blends and Bright Vitamin C Serum should be used within one year. All other products should be used within two years. Be sure to store products in a cool, dry, dark place.

Q: Is the line Vegan? Products are marked as "Vegan" on the website and packaging . Butta' Shea Cream and Peptides Lip Treat are not "Vegan" by the strictest standards because they contain humanely harvested Beeswax.

Q: Are the products Gluten-free? Products are marked as "Gluten-Free" or "Contains Gluten" on the website and packaging. Celiac specialists and the Mayo Clinic state that Gluten is only problematic when ingested, but for the safety of those with Gluten-based allergies or sensitivities, full ingredient information is provided.

Q: If I suffer from nut allergies which products should I avoid? There are different types of nut allergies. For example, peanut allergies are different from tree nut allergies. Lunaria products do not contain peanuts in any form. Products with tree nuts are marked as "Nut-Free" or "Contains Nuts" on the website and packaging.

Q: If my skin tingles when using Lunaria products should I stop using them? Some products may feel active (such as exfoliants, treatments or masks), but if you experience an uncomfortable sensation on your skin, please discontinue use as you may be sensitive or allergic to an ingredient. It is common for extremely dry, windburned or sunburned skin (where the lipid barrier has been severely compromised) to be sensitive to anything applied topically. That type of sensitivity will no longer occur once the skin heals and is restored. We recommend using one of our Facial Oils to heal and bring damaged skin back into balance.

What is the difference between your Exfoliants?
Polish Oat Scrub makes it easy to exfoliate and cleanse in one step with gentle Jojoba Beads and soothing Oats. Renew Enzyme Peel is a non-granular, non-abrasive, gel-based exfoliant made with fruit enzymes that offers a mild yet effective way to remove dead skin cells so dull complexions are left glowing. Reverse Retinol-Alternative offers another way to resurface skin while you sleep--just smooth over cleansed skin and wake up to a refreshed complexion!

Why won't the pump to my cleanser open when I turn it the right way? Make sure the cap is secured on the bottle. During transit, caps can loosen (especially from high-altitude Colorado to lower-altitude areas of the country). Once the cap is tightened, turn the pump and it will easily pop up for dispensing.

Q. Why are some of your products filled to the top and others aren't? Lunaria formulas vary in density and are filled by weight, not volume. All products are precisely weighed and filled according to the label (1 oz, 2 oz. etc.).

Q. Why do some products dispense unevenly when pumped?
Some products can get plugged without consistent use (especially natural, gel-based products). Use a toothpick to unclog the pump spout so product dispenses evenly or push down on the pump and pump product out directly into your hand to remove the hardened gel, which will allow the product to flow out evenly again.