Q: Are your products only recommended for people in Colorado who have dry, damaged skin?
A: The Lunaria line was developed and tested in the high-altitude Colorado Rocky Mountains where people are exposed to harsh climactic conditions, including intense wind and sun. This was done to ensure formula efficacy and performance, which means our products provide excellent results for those living at 10,000 feet, sea level or anyplace in-between. The line features high-performance, results-driven options for all skin types with an emphasis on revitalizing and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

What is the shelf life of your natural products?

A: Our products have a shelf life of 1-2 years. We recommend our oil blends and Bright Vitamin C Serum be used within one year. All other products should be used within two years. Be sure to store your products in a cool, dry, dark place for best results.

Is your line Vegan?

A: We indicate which products are 100% vegan with a "V" symbol on the labels. Three of our products are not Vegan by the strictest standards: Butta' Shea Cream, Butta' Citrus Cream and Peptides Lip Treat contain humanely harvested Beeswax.

Do your products contain Gluten?

A: Products are marked as "Gluten-Free" or "Contains Gluten" on our website and packaging. Celiac specialists and the Mayo Clinic both state that Gluten is only problematic when ingested, but for the safety of those with Gluten-based allergies or sensitivities, we are providing full ingredient information so our customers may be informed.

If I suffer from nut allergies which products should I avoid?

A: There are different types of nut allergies, for example, peanut allergies are different from tree nut allergies. Products are marked as "Nut-Free" or "Contains Nuts" on our website and packaging. None of our products contain peanuts in any form. Shea Butter and Coconut are not considered to be allergens for those who suffer from any type of nut allergies.