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I didn't know it then but my skincare career began in the world of organic farming as a teen in 1980s. During that time in New York the music was good but most of it was electronically produced, people used a lot of gel and hairspray in their hair, they did not bring their own reusable bags to the supermarket and nobody recycled anything (except cans, thanks to Oregon's Bottle Bill). I had an after-school job at a health food store, which meant I wore essential oils as perfume and ate a lot of carob. When a local organic farmer came in and posted a sign seeking farmhands for the Summer, I signed on. The job entailed working in both a greenhouse and open fields, planting and harvesting carrots, arugula, sugar snap peas, raspberries, lettuce and tomatoes. It paid $4 per hour, plus free produce. So while my friends were employed in boutiques and air-conditioned offices, I was covered in dirt and mosquito bites...plus there were many encounters with snakes. But working there paid off in many ways: from the dynamic and inspiring people I met, to learning about the beautifying properties of herbs and flowers, and organic farming techniques.

Following college, I worked as a copy editor while also writing beauty articles for newspapers and magazines, including NYLON. I later attended the Aveda Institute in NYC to become an Esthetician. After working in the celeb-filled Hamptons, my goal was to move to the highest altitude in the U.S.
where maintaining healthy skin is a challenge. Being able to develop, test, use and recommend Lunaria products to help people with their skincare needs in the Rocky Mountains has brought me full circle because it reminds me of how rewarding it was to grow fresh, organic food at the farm starting with a handful of seeds.